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Sold out for the season!

Hi folks! We are officially sold out for 2018, thanks for a great season! I'm busy as heck getting the 2019 crop in the ground as we speak- lots of new varieties going in this year. I hope to be a one-stop shop for anyone looking for heirloom garlic so make sure to stop on by the site every once in a while to see what's coming! I'm especially adding plenty of new softnecks (Silverskins and Artichokes), along with Turbans, Asiatics, and Creoles to the lineup.

New for 2019 as well, I am seriously considering getting a processor to make black garlic. I may add that as an available item next year for online sales. I've gotten hooked on it myself so at minimum I need to run a few batches just to keep myself supplied!

Once again, thanks for coming by and I hope the site is useful- send any suggestions or comments my way at darenjcarroll@gmail.com !

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Sold Out