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Weakly bolting hardneck (definitely hardneck up north) 5-8 cloves per bulb, varies with bulb yield

The Asiatic family, as the name suggests, originates in Asia, specifically the east. Most varieties tend to ultimately have a Korean or Japanese origin. For many varieties, the bulbils are few, and large, so they present a viable fast path for propagating a variety quickly (best done with Pyong Yang, Japanese, or Korean Red). There is a fair amount of diversity within the family, but their weakly bolting habit and characteristic scape unite them. 

Some people suggest Asiatics should be planted later than other garlics, if possible, 2 to 4 weeks after your usual planting date, but I haven't done independent research on that yet. I have gotten mine to adapt, by planting them on the same schedule, and they eventually lose their early-sprouting habits.

Mid to late, and even very late harvest, with mostly large scapes. Please note- Asiatic scapes never complete a full "pig tail curl"- the usual time for appropriate scape harvest. Instead, they finish with a somewhat "shepherd's crook" shape and should be harvested then. While they suffer less loss from unharvested scapes, there still is an effect, so better safe than sorry! Bulbils can still be produced from harvested scapes- leave them in permanent shade, out of the rain, for several weeks, and you'll get bulbils.

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