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Arsia garlic bulbs- a garlic variety bred from true seed production via pollination and sexual crossing of flowers


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Named after Arsia Mons on Mars, just south of the Equator and southeast of Olympus Mons. Perhaps someday the high noon equatorial sun will strike the leaves of an Arsia garlic growing on its northern slopes some day. In my Terran soil, it is incredibly mild and earthy, reminding me of the inhabitants of Mars in Kage Baker's treatment in Empress of Mars. A sturdy little plant that will waste little resources in tight environments, while producing a bulb suitable for any kitchen.

It is a first-generation result of breeding from Krasnodar White, a Porcelain garlic. While low on number of cloves per bulb like a Porcelain ,the flavors are unique, and frankly improved over its Porcelain parentage, a little milder raw, a little more complex roasted.

Bred by Avram Drucker of Garlicana Farm, Arsia is one of the many results of his years of work in true garlic seed production (see more about true seed production here). Check out Avram's site to learn more about it, and his work.

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