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Chesnok Red garlics bulbs, also known as Shvelisi, heirloom Purple Stripe garlic variety from the Republic of Georgia.

Chesnok Red / Shvelisi

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Possibly the most popular Purple Stripe in the Northeast, it’s friendly on growers for its vigorous growth habits. The way Spanish Roja is the gateway garlic to the Rocambole family, Chesnok Red is a mind-blowing entrance to the Purple Stripes if you haven’t had one yet. Spice and heat up front. It tends to peel easy, which also means it's not a great long term keeper. Use up in the 6-8 month range if you want the best flavor out of it. 7-9 cloves per bulb. From the Republic of Georgia in the Caucasus.

Coincidentally, "chesnok" is just a transliteration of the Russian word for garlic, a somewhat silly name. The Georgian language once again presented a challenging tongue twister in its original name- Shvelisi.

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