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Softneck 8-12 cloves per bulb is most common, but with high organic matter/fertility, may reach 12-14 and beyond.

Artichokes are some of the most widely commercially grown garlics in the world. The export- and storage-friendly Artichokes don't need the labor-intensive work of scape harvest, so lend themselves to commercialization. Some people have a bad impression of Artichokes because some grocery store garlics are sold right near their natural expiration- but harvested and cured properly, and used within 8-10 months, they are good garlic.

In the course of commercialization, a tiny handful of varieties have been selected for the global-scale export market. However the Artichoke family has all the widely scattered heritage of the other types, and have heirlooms from the Mediterranean, the Balkans, and some from the rest of Europe as well.

Early to mid season harvest, no scapes (or at least very rare)

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